Fashion Pixie: Why to Get Away with Dressing Like a Superhero at Work

In case you missed it, I’ve written on the topic of WHY I stealth cosplay at work.

I think a lot of people get fashion confused with the fashion industry. Stripped of presentation (shows, spreads, advertisements — marketing) which dictate trends (what the industry wants to sell) fashion is simply style. Your own personal style.

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Superheroine of the Night: Cyndi Lauper

I am a child of the eighties so obviously I think Cyndi Lauper is a superheroine. But look what she wore for the 2014 Grammys:

Cyndi Lauper

THAT is heroine chic. And she KNOWS it, too.

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Superheroes at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards

Tony Stark:

Bruce Wayne:

Lois Lane:

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Superheroine of the Night: Lupita Nyong’o

I think this picture says it all:

SHE LOOKS LIKE SUPERMAN. Like, not even “if Superman were a woman of color she looks like Superman” she looks like Superman. Period. No caveat. The end. Look at that picture. Seriously.

Also she is stunningly talented and beautiful and I would cast her as any number of superheroes.

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Superheroine of the Night: Naya Rivera

Awards Season is on y’all and the first big shindig was the People’s Choice Awards. And our first superheroine of the night is Glee’s Naya Rivera:

This girl is on fire! (Has Santana sung that? She should.) I mean, the colors are too neutral for a typical super suit but the IDEA is pure gold.

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Fashion Friday!

Hello and happy new year!

I will be posting fashion segments on Fridays over at Manic Pixie Dust. Today’s topic is “How to dress like a Tolkien Film Elf in one simple step”:


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Ready-to-Wear Superhero Panel

This slideshow was first presented following the RTWS fashion show at GeekGirlCon 2013.

Thank you: Geek Girl Con, Kristine, Stefanie, Suzanne, Ali, Alyssa, Cassi, Caroline, Jen, Sigrid, Laura, Katt, Lysha, Kiki, Sara, and Aeris


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