The Wonder Twins versus Ursa Major! Vancouver Olympic Opening Ceremonies

I love the Olympics. I’d watch a skeeball competition if it was an Olympic event. But beyond the excitement of the sports and the idealistic concept of it being an event that bypasses all the horrors of sharing our world, there is the pageantry. And there is no better showcase for it (nope, not even Ice Dancing) than the Opening Ceremonies.

Of course, being me, while I enjoy the cultural dramatics and the parade of host-country celebrities in concert, I pay the most attention to what people are wearing. The Olympic Opening Ceremony I remember with the most fondness is Albertville, France 1992. And it is only and all because of this:

I’ve been to France, it’s beautiful. And arguably the epicenter of the fashion world. So why expect anything less than beautiful women dressed as snowglobes escorting the athletes into the Olympic Stadium?

Comparatively, Vancouver’s parade entrants were boring:

Though, they vaguely resemble un-helmeted snowtroopers, and the female version shows off the boots better:

And Canada did give us an awesome super-enemy in the Giant Space Polar Bear, Ursa Major:

So my story is, Ursa Major and his Army of Snowtroopers attack Olympic Stadium — WHO will save us?

The All-New Wonder Twins aka Nelly Furtado and Bryan Adams! Huzzah!

Seriously, there’s nothing particularly super-hero-y about Nelly’s and Bryan’s look outside of their (pretty awesome) Wonder Posturing. And Nelly’s dress, while loverly, was kinda reminiscent of Diane Kruger, but possibly I’m the only one to know that. Canadian opera singer Measha Brueggergosman’s amazing sparkley gold dress and hair combo was superheroine worthy — especially if you imagine it ending as a jumpsuit instead of a ballgown, waist up she was THE superhero of the night as I will prove once I find a good picture of it.

I can’t wait for the ice skating costumes.

2 Comments on “The Wonder Twins versus Ursa Major! Vancouver Olympic Opening Ceremonies”

  1. madmarvelgirl says:

    Here was the conversation among the people I was watching with when they announced Nelly Furtado & Bryan Adams:

    “I didn’t know Nelly Furtado was Canadian.”
    “I didn’t think Ryan Adams was Canadian. Isn’t he from North Carolina?”
    “Wait, did they say BRYAN Adams? I can’t tell, I can’t see his face.”
    “I have no idea what either of them looks like.”
    “Me neither, but Bryan Adams is OLD.”
    “Is Bryan Adams still a thing?”
    “Which one IS that?”
    [Bryan Adams starts singing]
    (immediately) “Oh my God, that’s totally BRYAN Adams.”
    “We can name that crappy 80s singer in *just* *two* *notes*!”

    There was also a debate about whether the guy singing in the canoe was more closely related to Wolverine, Batman, or Thor.

    • Anika says:

      Hahaha, the conversation I was having was:

      “Remember when Bryan Adams was awesome?”

      “No? …. Oh, Robin Hood!”



      End conversation 😉

      As for the guy in the canoe, Batman is not Canadian! Thor, while also not Canadian, is a Viking and they did come over and try to take over even before Columbus and the rest of Europe, so, maybe. But clearly the answer should be the actual Canadian, Wolverine.

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