Hero Sightings at the Olympics!

The first weekend of the Vancouver Olympics gave us so many superheroes!

In Freestyle Skiing, Women’s Moguls, Hannah Kearney won the gold for the United States of America. I give you:

Captain America!

In Women’s Speed Skating, Canada’s Kristina Groves won bronze in the 3000 meters. What should she do after the Games?

Join Alpha Flight!

Figure Skating is always fun fashion wise, and this year is no different. For example, America’s Caydee Denney and Jeremy Bennet evoke:

Dark Phoenix! No wonder she fell, haven’t they ever read the comic?!

Meanwhile, Canada’s Jessica DubĂ© and Bryce Davison bring on the zombies as:

Black Lantern Star Sapphire (and a Friend)

But THE Superhero Duo of the night are the original pair, from the Ukraine, Tatiana Volosozhar and Stanislav Morozov. Their outfits are reminiscent of Tron, but in a class of their own:

I’ve named them: The Electric Blue Danube!


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