“Kanye West’s Amber Rose” is almost a Super-name already

Amber Rose is a model but does anyone even remember that? She’s Kanye’s girlfriend and arm candy and constantly wears outfits that upstage them both (which is Quite The Feat! considering). This gem from her appearance at Christian Siriano’s Fashion Week Show is pretty subdued really, but still made a stir even sans Kanye:

It’s pretty, really, a super dressed for the party. Because that hair and those nails — she’s a super. But Hero or Villain? Hmmmm.

Here we have a Hero outfit:

Sure it’s borderline villainy, but I think more heroine-with-an-edge. Someone who’d hang out with Marvel’s Ultimates. But who is she actually hanging out with?

Yeah. Her head-to-toe gold could be Warrior Queen of an Alien Race, but with him lurking behind her with that expression… I’m gonna go with Warrior Queen of an Alien Race Secretly Plotting to Take Over the Universe. Therefore, supervillain. And gold and amber are similar enough to call her by her actual name: Amber Rose, Warrior Queen of Kanyan — and Kanye is of course the evil wizard, Heartless (named after the song).

She could be redeemed though. She looks pretty kickass.

2 Comments on ““Kanye West’s Amber Rose” is almost a Super-name already”

  1. Mikey says:

    I get the impression that she reads L.E.G.I.O.N

  2. Pads says:

    can y’all see the eye on amber rose’s forehead…hmmm illuminati!!!

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