It’s my blog, Diane gets her own post! (Oscars I)

Diane Kruger is my favourite.

(Hi Quentin! Sorry about your loss.) Okay, when I first caught sight of this (after the “Diane’s arrived!” squeeee) I was scared. I’m not a fan of the halter neckline, there seem to be three different ideas going on top to bottom and that’s a LOT of dress. But the more I look at it, the more I like it (reminiscent of my reaction to the pink Lacroix she wore to the Globes). Especially the detailing, which is something that doesn’t jump off the screen, BUT I have tracked down every picture so let me show you (click images for larger version):

First of all, even a quick glance will tell you from the back this dress is stunning.

I am a HUGE fan of ribbons when they are placed correctly. Like right there.

(Hi Christoph! Congrats on your win!) So the neckline. Yeah, still not a fan. But it looks better in this shot.

Here’s the middle part, where the close up really helps. This dress is High Fashion. Also, it is not precisely white.

And she accessorises beautifully. The pinwheel in her hair is darling and fits in with the dress.

And her boys are the best accessories.

But what really won me over is the story behind the dress. Diane doesn’t work with a stylist so when she didn’t know what to wear she called up her good friend Karl Lagerfeld and he sent it to her. It is Chanel Haute Couture by Lagerfeld.

And she loves it.


After the show, Diane got her boyfriend back and headed to the Vanity Fair party. She changed into this hot little number:

With this ZOMGIWANTSIT!!!!! gold clutch.

But still (OF COURSE) her best accessory is her boy.

5 Comments on “It’s my blog, Diane gets her own post! (Oscars I)”

  1. genaverse says:

    I swear, at a glance, Joshua Jackson’s suit in that last picture looks like a t-shirt fake. XD

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