Risk is the name of the game. (Oscars IV)

I mostly love Carey Mulligan’s dress and I mostly hate Zoe Saldana’s but I absolutely adore them both for wearing them. To be a real fashionista takes courage because these kinds of dresses are polarising, you’ll end up on just as many Worst Dressed lists as Best Dressed. But I’d much rather be disturbed than bored. And if I were a starlet, I’d rather be known as someone who takes risks than someone who plays it safe.

Here’s Carey. She. Is. Adorable. This looks elegant and fresh at once. The bodice is covered with beading that when viewed close up has little objects like forks and scissors as well as gems. I think that’s cool! And you can’t tell from afar so I don’t think it’s too crafty or twee. And the dark colour makes her dramatically blonde pixie cut look more better than it has in recent weeks. I personally find the shoes darling, though I’m not sure they’re the best choice for the occasion. I might like them more closed toe. Basically, she’s very “young British actress”, which is exactly what she is so it works really well. The only thing I don’t love is the way the skirt falls when she’s standing still, it’s a little stiff. And maybe the shoes.

All right. On the right we have the beautiful Zoe in a beautiful, sparkly, colourful, refreshingly risky gown. On the left we have the beautiful Zoe in a mess. I don’t hate it. I think I almost love 2/3 of it. But the other third is just ruffle disaster! It’s like a Carnation Festival erupted on her dress. And the colour cascade just doesn’t work when it is already contrasting the (beautiful) lavender with the (sparkly) pink top. So all together it comes off like something that Barbie would wear. Or three somethings that Barbie would wear put together on one Barbie by an imaginative four year old. It just needs an editor. Do something else with those ruffles.

And I hate the slit. It’s required for her to be able to walk. But it is hella ugly when she’s not walking.

But then, when she is walking … Well, this picture makes them both look like royalty.

More risk-takers:

Vera Farmiga. I LOVE this colour. I HATE this dress. I mean, maybe I just really don’t like ruffles but this does nothing for me.

Jennifer Lopez.

Mizzelle puts it best. It looks like it is made out of bubble wrap! If Carey’s and Zoe’s are too stiff this is a whole other level of stiff.

In a very similar dress, Amanda Seyfried. Still bubble-wrappy but I like it better without the swirly hip thing JLo’s got going.

Yeah, I know, it doesn’t look that risky. But Tina Fey has shown up to some shows looking like she picked her dress off the rack at Target so this is a risk for her. And props to that! But she’s kinda invoking Wilma Flintstone. And that’s hardly fashion forward.

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