Best Dressed (Oscars VI)

Let’s talk Best Dressed. Joan Rivers prefers Worst Dressed but I hardly ever agree with her anyways.

Helen Mirren and Christopher Plummer. Perfection. Both of them. They look like royalty, let’s crown them, the end.

Mo’nique! The colour is gorgeous, the fit is perfect, she rocks it and she loves her husband.

I don’t mind the flower and her best accessory is her well deserved little golden man.

Elizabeth Banks. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. It’s intricate but not overdone. There are ruffles I can deal with.

And the A+++++ of the night, Rachel McAdams. She looks like an impressionist painting but in the THISDRESSISSTUNNING way. Best Dressed.

And okay, fine, Worst Dressed:

Virginia Madsen. Just. Nothing is good about this dress. Not even the umbrella (I love umbrellas):

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