Best Dressed: Stephanie Brown

The week is ending and my Oscar posts are done (Recap if you missed any), but the Academy Awards were not the only awards handed out this week — my co-conspirators and I over at Fantastic Fangirls presented the results of the first annual Fantastic Comic Book Awards aka the Fannies! And just one day after our post went up stating:

[Stephanie bounds on stage, dressed in a darling and age-appropriate purple frock, and grabs the microphone] about Fanny presenter (and nominee for Batgirl) Stephanie Brown, she showed up in Batgirl 8 dressed like so:


Now, Joan, Giuliana and Jay would say she’s not showing enough bling for the amount of skin — i.e. wear a necklace and some bracelets, Steph — and Joan would definitely wonder aloud and as crassly as possibly how in hell her dress is staying up BUT, she certainly wouldn’t make the Worst Dressed List, especially if she were up against the purple frock at the Oscars:

Zoe was on Fashion Police’s Worst Dressed list, though she lost (won?) to Charlize Theron the other, and much more unfortunate, purple dress:

But Batgirl SHOULD win the Battle of the Purple, it is a legacy:

One more thing. Look past Stephanie to Tim.

I told you that was superhero hair!

2 Comments on “Best Dressed: Stephanie Brown”

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  2. Margot says:

    Your chaos powers are working again! But Steph’s dress is seriously awesome. πŸ˜€

    And stop making me believe that Zefron is secretly Tim Drake. πŸ˜›

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