All Hail King Karl

Karl Lagerfeld is a real person. It’s kind of amazing. He looks, acts, and speaks like a Bond villain but he is a real person. And unapologetically real at that.

“That is because there is only culture.”

So there is absolutely amazing interview in which Karl espouses about everything and nothing in his own special Lagerfeld way. It’s conversational, controversial, and long, but seriously, read the real interview not the many soundbyte versions out there. It’s entirely worth it, he’s a trip, and you will actually understand what he is saying, as outrageous as it sometimes is. Outrageous and secretly brilliant. Like Dr. Doom.

Meanwhile, he’s also responsible for this:

Hello, Emma Frost’s arctic safari look.

Faux. Fur. Short. Shorts.

And this is my personal best in show. I cannot express how much I want to own this. I’ll settle for seeing Diane Kruger in it.

It’s only March but Karl the Kaiser‘s already got a huge lead for Super Villain of the Year.

3 Comments on “All Hail King Karl”

  1. Mandy says:

    He is a complete and total genius. Also, nothing can sway me from believing that he reads Uncanny X-Men anymore. Nothing.

  2. […] partner in crime spends much of his time in France despite representing Austria, you remember Karl the […]

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