They’re putting the City back in the Spotlight.

It’s a beautiful sunny day. I was thinking I’ll skip a Friday Flashback and not worry too much about CANTM and just post another day. Then I saw this:

First of all the Sex and the City gals were MADE for this website, am I right? They already are Fashion Superheroes! That’s almost their purpose! It is just sad that we are on the destined to be disappointing sequel to a disappointing film after a great run instead of around for its HBO hey-day, but still. Look at them!

Kristin Davis looking as darling as ever if the least like a superheroine.

Cynthia Nixon is working that cross top like it is a logo.

And their leader, rebounding from the Oscars with a BANG, Sarah Jessica Parker in the best Star Sapphire/Herald of Galactus cocktail dress EVER.

I don’t know where Kim Cattrall is, she could only make this better. I mean look:

They match their award. For the win again, City Girls, FTW.

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