Superheroine of the Night: Skrull, I mean, Katy Perry

Saturday night was the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards Show — my husband likes to call it the Oscars (with Slime) but it is much closer to the Golden Globes (with Slime). But like the Oscars, or the Globes, the stars come out with bells on, so here are the super fashion highlights (with Slime)!

Before we get the real supers, I want to give a shout out to one of my favourite young stars, and winner of the Kids Choice Award for Best Actress on TV, Selena Gomez.

A) She’s adorable, especially here in her LYD (channeling my Diane? dress/hair. I don’t mind!).
B) She’s talented.
C) Hawkgirl plays her mom on Wiazrds of Waverly Place.
D) She should be Arana:

Seriously, give the girl a movie. Call it Spider-Girl, if you must, but I love Arana and I love Selena.

Now, the battle for superheroine of the night. At first glance, Rihanna has this sewn up.

Pink. Tank. She is Military Barbie with a back-up army and then the real kicker:

ROBOTS. If you know me at all you know that next to nothing beats ROBOTS.

However, Katy Perry arrived ready to rumble:

Well, maybe not quuuuuuiiiiiiite ready. It’s so out there, she needs help making it work. But then, once the wardrobe is functional —

I don’t know, guys, I think it’s cute! She’s throwing her hat in the ring for the Aquaman movie and it’s working! But this is not even what she wore for her appearance on the show. No for that she wore a blue and yellow sundress and a blue wig and spoke in a high pitched nasally voice leading me to ask: is Katy Perry in the Smurf movie? Guess what? She IS, she’s Smurfette, how about that? Okay, back to the KCAs — Katy lost points for her Smurfy wear once I realized it was a ploy BUT

She got slimed and she got slimed HARD and for that I think she edges out even the ROBOTS.

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