Fools, Fish, Fringe and Fashion!

Hey all, it’s April 1st. Which people like to call April Fool’s Day:

I might have to change my mind about Katy Perry wanting to be in the Aquaman movie. She clearly really wants to be Harley Quinn. That’s her at Perez Hilton’s birthday bash. Here she is at the Today Show:

And in concert:

She DOES make Fool look good. But in France it is April Fish Day:

Marion Cotillard in Jean Paul Gaultier when she won her Oscar. She is French and this dress, while lovely, could also be in the Aquaman movie. (Can you IMAGINE Katy Perry and Marion Cotillard in the same film?). But in my world it is April Fringe Day:

Yesterday, Twyst tweeted me: i require a website that tells me what jackets Olivia Dunham has worn. Does this exist? My answer is: not that I have found… but it totally should!

I have discovered that Peter (Joshua Jackson) wears a Triumph Motorcycle Lancaster Twill Jacket. Which is HOT, people. But nothing for Olivia. So, this is (one of) my (many) new project(s): Fringe Wear (not to be confused with fringe wear which would be a whole other project)! And quite possibly I will then move on the rest of the Hot FBI Posse (all your favourite fictional FBIers) — because they are superheroes in their own right. Right?

Happy April!

5 Comments on “Fools, Fish, Fringe and Fashion!”

  1. Twyst says:

    honestly, i have been looking for a new jacket, and Olivia’s are always gorgeous. Even the bf noted that Peter has really nice jackets. Props to the wardrobe people on Fringe!

  2. facts says:

    Katy Perry is swanky. Love her.

  3. Harley Quinn says:

    Yea, I agree that KP could be Harley, because I’ve REALLY been wanting to have HQ in a movie, and KP is perfect for it! Agree? TELL MEH!

  4. Lera Tokineiryt says:

    Yes, I agree. I think she could. But, this is 2012. This was posted long ago, so I highly doubt she will be in a live-action film soon, because, The Dark Knight Rises is already done filming. I hate this, because I love Harley, and no, they never made an Aqua-man live-action film. Sorry, I hate this as well.

  5. Teresa McCult says:

    They ARE making an aqua man movie, but, I DOUBT Harley will be in it….:(

    Love Harley!! 🙂

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