Interactive Wednesday: Jumpsuit Wars

Love them or hate them Jumpsuits are a current fashion trend.

Here’s Chloe Sevigny at the recent premiere of Armida at the Metropolitan Opera — personally, I love it. Definitely a super with those gloves. At the same event Ginnifer Goodwin also picked a black jumpsuit but with rather less success:

She doesn’t look awful but it’s missing something. A belt, maybe a necklace, her shoes and bag match each other (sort of) but nothing else (style or color wise). It’s just — meh.

Contrast her with Karen Gillian at The Doctor Who Party in NY (aside: I wanna have a Doctor Who Party! Especially if Karen Gillian would show up):

See? Belt! That little splash of colour is all it takes. The scarf is a bit over the top, but it IS Dr. Who. But Karen, those shoes fail.

Of course it needn’t be colour:

Rachel Mcadams does it with texture.

And Elisabeth Banks does it with what can only be called pizazz. Karen? Take note of her shoes. Elisabeth? A+

Speaking of Banks, there’s Tyra:

I think she’s trying to channel Batwoman, or, well, at least Batman.

Naomi Watts pulls it off a little less shiny, and quite elegantly, I think. I’m not head over heels for the belt but she’s rocking the shoes. Naomi also likes lace and even more volume:

So does Katie Holmes:

A lot of people hate this look, I find it rather charming — you know, for a jumpsuit — but then I sometimes model my fashion after Katie without even thinking about it.

And, of course, my favourite fashionista, Diane Kruger:

Just look at the adorable bows on the shoes! Here’s up close on the suit:

Josh thinks I added that just to sneak him into the post. He’s probably right.

And now it is time to vote, tell me super-readers:

(Aside: now I want to go watch Junkyard Wars. Man, I loved that show)

2 Comments on “Interactive Wednesday: Jumpsuit Wars”

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