Soon all of Europe will be represented.

Throughthebrush submitted this revelation by way of The Fug Girls [And a special thanks to the Fug Girls for the jump in participation at Jumpsuit Wars. Don’t worry, Pacey WILL get a winner’s post (like I need an excuse to dedicate a post to Joshua Jackson). Watch this space!]

Anyway, back to France’s new supervillain:

Carine Roitfeld, of Vogue France. There is literally nothing about this look that doesn’t belong on this webpage. The only thing missing is a mask. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Madame Vogue.

I suppose the eye make-up is like as mask…but why is her hair seemingly purposefully in her choker? The world may never know.

Her partner in crime spends much of his time in France despite representing Austria, you remember Karl the Kaiser.

Our one confirmed European heroine, Berlinelle, has her work cut out for her. Luckily, she’s already working her charms:


2 Comments on “Soon all of Europe will be represented.”

  1. Jennifer says:

    The SECOND I saw that I knew you needed it. Man. I mean, she’s pretty much the Golden Age Black Widow.

  2. […] Piper, formerly the young villainess Poptart, now the representative of England in the European Super Syndicate: The […]

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