Dressing the part: Sharon, Nicole and Halle

Sharon Stone wore this to a special screening of Behind the Bulrly Q, a movie about burlesque dancers.

I think she might have burlesque dancer confused with dominatrix. But it is nonetheless a good example of “worn with the event in mind”. And with elbow gloves and fishnets she is certainly on her way to superhero chic as we define it (though Tim Gunn disagrees on the chic part).

Here is an example of “worn without the event in mind” :

Nicole Kidman wore this to the American Academy of Country Music Awards. Maybe, maybe, she could pull it off at some kind of Beatles festival…or a salute to the Navy…or Carnival Cruise…

I mean, she’s cute with her husband:

And you know, Sharon’s getup has the double breasted buttons going too:

And she’s saluting.

Maybe I could make them archenemies. Or, no, I’ve got it — supervillain sisters.

And here’s who’ll take them on:

Halle Berry’s Gucci is why I have this blog. She’s not trying to be superhero chic, she just is.



Sharon (and Leslie Zemeckis as … a Queen?)=Well, why not.

2 Comments on “Dressing the part: Sharon, Nicole and Halle”

  1. I’m actually totally in love with Nicole’s dress. I do wish it was a bit longer and/or the sleeves shorter (The long sleeves with short bottoms wierds me out a bit), but I dig the look ^_^

    Now to see if I can figure out a pattern to copy Halle’s dress…

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