Superheroine of the night: Joanne Peh

The Star Awards, honouring “the best in local Mandarin television” (Source) were held over the weekend and while I know nothing of her work as an actress Joanne Peh (who was named Female Media Darling and one of the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes) is clearly the superheroine of the night:

For real superheroing this would have to be shortened or made into a jumpsuit, but with the cut-out and chains that resemble wings she is certainly super. And Best Dressed to boot.

Her main competition is Meixin in what is at least three quarters superheroine:

Unfortunately, the remaining quarter is reminiscent of a funeral.

Super Group, female: Joey Feng, Ong Ai Leng, Jessica Tan and Rebecca Lim. Joey’s dress is darling but Ong Ai Leng’s biker jacket really solidifies their place.

And Super Group, male: Dasmond Koh, Joshua Ang, Zhang Yaodong and Terence Cao. I mean. Right?

Adorable fashion couple of the night:

Lawrence Wong and Julie Tan. Her dress is a little cutesy but together they’re super sweet.

And WTF? fashion couple of the night:

Chris Lee and Fan Wong. She looks regal. He looks … WTF?!


One Comment on “Superheroine of the night: Joanne Peh”

  1. dblchin says:

    I’m a wee bit of culture shock when i c the way Joanne Peh dresses.

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