It’s a Billie Piper Post!

Last week Billie Piper appeared on The Graham Norton Show, a British late night talk show, alongside Toni Collette and Shappi Korsandi.

As I tweeted when I watched the show on BBC America: Billie, your dress doesn’t fit.

I know. I know you have a one-year-old child and I know you play a prostitute and I know you want to look super sexy but see, in this picture you can’t tell you are actually wearing anything except your cute, if twee, Billie necklace. Also, your skin is glistening. Are you wanting to be in the next Twilight movie? Tone it down on the self-tan. And the hair … I really don’t know about that.

I kid because I love, Bills, I kid because I love. And all kidding aside, you look great.

Billie Piper is probably still best known for her time on Doctor Who as Rose Tyler. Though her work as Belle in Secret Diary of a Call Girl has gotten a good bit of attention and prior to all of that she was a fresh faced pop star with chart topping success:

And now you see why Billie gets a post. In her younger years she paraded around England as quite the little super-girl. I use this little number for the Supervillain Archive — because we all know brunettes in red are villains :/ (Sorry, Taylor, I do love the video) — so I imagine her story to be akin to Black Widow’s or Catwoman’s: Bad Girl Gone Good. Here she is as a young brunette baddie (with a heart of gold, I’m sure) :

Billie hung on to this look for a while — Exhibit One and Exhibit Two — before finally giving in to her inner Tinkerbell. If that doesn’t convince you, how’s this:

Then she started winning awards that look like something out of a comic book. And now here we are:

Billie Piper, formerly the young villainess Poptart, now the representative of England in the European Super Syndicate: The Piper.

Aside: Toni Collette is rocking some kick ass superheroine boots there, too.

3 Comments on “It’s a Billie Piper Post!”

  1. Ella says:

    Aside: Toni Collette is rocking some kick ass superheroine boots there, too.

    Anyone know what brand of boot these are or where i could find them? They are hot!

  2. Anika says:

    Unfortunately, I can’t find any good close-up pics of her boots. You can look through a good selection of these type of boots here. I’d say the nearest to Toni’s there are the Steve Madden and Chloé makes a knee-high flat leather boot that is very close.

  3. Jess says:

    Wow billie is looking GOOD
    the tinkerbell image there looks so her
    i love her hair like that 😀 ❤

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