Interactive Wednesday: Team Pepper vs. Team Natasha

Hey guys, guess what’s next week?

Are you as excited as I am?! Are you as excited as Gwyneth is?!

That’s very excited. But it IS about the right level. I am also very excited for today’s interaction: Are you Team Pepper or Team Natasha?

For the Iron Man events so far both ladies have gone neutral. Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow):

I almost think Gwyneth wore this AS Pepper:

And frankly Natasha (Scarlett Johannsson) should have followed suit and worn this:

Because what she did wear is this:

And in my opinion, Gwyneth wins this round easy. Scarjo’s look ages her — maybe that’s what she was going for? To look on firm ground with the rest of the cast who are all ten+ years older than her? But she just looks frumpy. Plus Gwyneth’s got these going on:

I love them, but love them or hate them, they draw attention. Scarlett just looks washed out and lost and her shoes are run of the mill.

Not bad, just boring. Which explains this:

As you see, Natasha decided to up the stakes for the LA premiere. In response Pepper went playful:

This match-up is trickier for me but I think Scarlett gets the edge.

This shows off her body better and I’m all over her sparkly accessories. This time it is Gwyneth who looks washed out and she seems to be trying to look younger.

But she’s also pretty adorable and …Peppery! Which is why Tony’s vote is clearly with her.

Poor Natasha. Get all dolled up and he still goes for the other one.

But don’t worry, I have a theory Pepper’s not gonna win it all either.

He’s going to Hooters after this. But first, the Vote!


3 Comments on “Interactive Wednesday: Team Pepper vs. Team Natasha”

  1. kelly says:

    i find it interesting that they’re sporting very similar looks to each other at the premieres. they were both a bit … blah at the first, and both kicked up the shine/glam factor at the second.

    BUT since g.pal has words on her feet in one and formal shorts (and *hideous* shoes) in the second, (or is she is the clear victor.

    • Anika says:

      Oh yes, I am waiting to see if they match again at the next event — is it a trend or a fluke?

      And Gwyneth will forever be known as g.pal now (but never g.mart because that is tragically close to K-Mart).

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