Pepper wants respect.

Pepper is currently losing to not only Natasha, but also to Tony’s shoes in our poll. And to add insult to injury Natasha’s white oragamiesque stunner was deemed well-played by the Fug Girls and named In Style Look of the Day for April 27. But today, Pepper tops the In Style Look of the Day list with this:

To which I say: Oh.

She gets points for wearing something from Posh’s line (dress by Victoria Beckham). And I’ll give her heroine chic. The gold sparkles are a bit more American Gladiator than comic book superheroine, but you know, so are the prevues for Marvel’s upcoming return to the Heroic Age. So. Okay.

And here with the leather jacket — kinda kick-ass heroine chic, Pep. I just don’t get the bunchy bunch. Why hide her great figure? And then she turns around and:



This is the second dress in three looks she’s gone with the zipper showing trend. (And again with the neutrals!) It’s strange. But that said, at least in back it’s not bunching.

This picture I love. I could give it Look of the Day. But it’s probably not the angle she’s hoping for.


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