Superhero of the Night: Barack Obama (WHCAD I)

I mean, obviously! That was the point of all this, right? The White House Correspondents Association Dinner was held over the weekend and they treated it like an Event of Hollywood proportions. The guest list was immense and sparkling with stars like Scarlett Johannsson, Steven Spielberg…Ashley Judd, Jessica Simpson…Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers…Kim Kardashian and…Marlon Wayans…and Omorosa…

Yeah. I thought I would only do one, maybe two posts about this. But it turned out to be EPIC.

Anyway! Superhero of the night is President Barack Obama:

Right? I mean maybe it isn’t as great a distinction as being President of the United States or that whole Nobel Peace Prize deal but just because he’s already lauded doesn’t mean he can’t be our superhero, too.

That’s the spirit. And supervillain? Also obvious:

He calls himself King. What say you, Super-Obama?

My thoughts exactly.

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