Superheroine of the Night: Kate Capshaw (WHCAD II)

No, really. I mean, yes, this is a fashion disaster with a side of hot mess.

And no, I don’t mean Spielberg, Steve’s looking rather dashing, all told. I mean the pearls and the beret and the dress and the — everything — on Kate. BUT LOOK:

It’s not a dress, it’s a jumpsuit. It is a shiny jumpsuit. With a beret! And pearls! I’m still trying to get a better picture of the whole look but even in this one I can see enough to declare her our superheroine.

They can be their own black tie super group, even, with a reformed Catwoman.

I think this is actually a really cute dress. The tie in front is a bit bulky but Michelle looks lovely. So for supervillainess we have to go elsewhere:

No contest.

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