The What-What? (WHCAD IV)

I seriously cannot decide which of our “White House Correspondents” is the most fun. There are SO MANY to choose from. Like:






Actually, I’m really thrilled to see Gabourey. I bet she had a blast. More than Stepford Jessica:

I’m really beginning to think she is a robot. This dress is quite pretty and especially for Jessica, quite flattering:

But she seriously looks like a robot in her posing.

Anyway, back to the fun:

Ashley, what is on your head?

Scarlett, what’s with the maternity look?

Kim, why are you trying to make me like you? Seriously, she looks stunning! And speaking of:

She is really stunning and I still think Jean Grey every time I see her.

But I think for the winner we have to go back to the top:

Let’s ask Super-Obama.

My thoughts exactly again!


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