Show a Lot of Leg (Met Gala IV)

I love Bar Refaeli’s body.

She’s got Ms. Marvel’s figure and she’s working her Rag and Bone mini so well I don’t care Leo’s not there with her.

Those heels are weapons and I do believe she has the strength to use them.

I saw a tweet earlier saying Gisele Bundchen (in Alexander Wang) and Tom Brady are one bad ass couple.

Yes. But, wait she just have a baby?!


Blake Lively loves to show off her legs.

Hm. Nice legs. Beautiful girl. Great color. Her dress (Marchesa) looks like it got hit with a shrinking ray.

I guess her American Woman character is a Busby Berkley Girl?

And Emma Roberts looking darling.

America’s Sweetheart the Next Generation.


But who are those peeps in the back? Stay tuned!


One Comment on “Show a Lot of Leg (Met Gala IV)”

  1. […] to burn that thing she wore, Chloe is never boring, volume and colour made a splash, Katy lit up, Bar looked like Ms. Marvel, Karolina and Margherita are secretly Krytonian, Kristen secretly wants to […]

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