Va-va-va-volume! (Met Gala VII)

Guys, I have not seen Maggie Gyllenhaal so glam as this ever:

I mean, okay, maybe glam isn’t the word but she usually goes beatnik via Diane Keaton and this is kinda a ballgown. She looks great!!

Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad. SO much better than the Oscars. I know lots of people loved that bubble wrap creation but this has flow and sparkle and pizazz. She looks amazing — and cut it off at the waist and you have something out of Wonder Woman. Go, J-Lo, go.

Anne Hathaway in Valentio. Very pretty. InStyle just named it look of the day. But it looks a bit like the one before and sorry, J-Lo has her beat. There is nothing Wonder Woman going on here.

Thandie Newton! She was the best part of Mission Impossible II. Which, I know, isn’t saying much, but — well, it’s nice to see her. And this dress looks like art. It alllllllmost looks like it is wearing her, but in that pose I trust her to tell it who’s boss.

Doutzen Krose in Zac Posen (who is posing with her). Wow, that’s a lot of dress. On an actress it would be too much. But Doutzen is a model and she can pull it off, especially at this event. But just barely.

One Comment on “Va-va-va-volume! (Met Gala VII)”

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