Interactive Wednesday: Red on the Red Carpet

So remember when it was the Oscars and Diane was all dolled up in floor-length white and then changed into the most adorable red sheath mini for the after-party?

She did it again! Her shoes are Alexander Wang and adorable. Almost as adorable as that CK clutch that I continue to covet so much. (Hi, Josh, you are also adorable.) Anyway, this is the after-gala look and on the grey sidewalk not the red carpet so I can give Diane full marks without any “but red…” qualms. And I gave Camilla Belle all but .0000001% full marks for her amazingly gorgeous Jason Wu gown despite the “but red…” qualms. But here are three ladies-in-red from the White House Correspondents Dinner that I want your opinion on.

Mariska Hargitay, as I mentioned here, ruled the red carpet in this gown. She’s breathtaking and I am entirely willing to overlook the red on red.

Katie Couric, however, is completely lost in this picture. Maybe it’s the lighting, maybe she needs to stand up straighter, but her body is missing. Which results in the look doing nothing for her. Here’s another angle:

Still not loving it. Her arms are disproportionate to her body — though, with that bracelet, her arm resembles something out of Wonder Woman.

Finally, our latest fashionista First Lady wore this:

Since she didn’t walk the red carpet it hardly counts as red on red and as almost always with Michelle Obama: Bravo!

So, with Camilla and Mariska blowing me away with their red on the red carpet looks, I’m thinking I need to Get Over It. After all….

Wanda Maximoff aka The Scarlet Witch aka She Who Will Get What She Wants or Else Break the Universe likes red a lot and wears it with red, on red, beside red — she approves of all this and why should I ever want to cross her?

But what about you:

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