Flashforward Friday: Naomi Watts

Long, long ago, before she was NAOMI WATTS, Naomi Watts was Jet Girl:

I unabashedly love the movie Tank Girl. It is not by any definition a good film. But come on, look at these fashions:

Since then Jet Girl has made a name for herself in a long string of big budget remakes and street cred artfilms — plus she’s been Oscar nominated and settled down with her love, Liev, and their two adorable sons. But with her affection for jumpsuits she certainly puts herself out there in heroine chic. Plus she has secret ID chic down:

Naomi has a film out today, co-starring Samuel L. Jackson. Sadly, it is not Iron Man 2 and she is not Carol Danvers.

Come on, add an eye-patch and that is TOTALLY Carol and Nick refusing to answer questions about that alleged sex tape. No, their movie (which includes a sex tape — but it’s okay ’cause Sabretooth approves) is Mother and Child and someday I’ll see it. But anyway, I think Naomi heard that of late I have been replacing her with Diane Kruger as Carol.

She’s Blackbook‘s cover girl for May and she is throwing down in my own personal War of the Marvels!

I promise: my obsession with Carol Danvers is big enough for the both of you.


2 Comments on “Flashforward Friday: Naomi Watts”

  1. Sigrid Ellis says:

    You always come through for me. 😛

  2. […] to be a new JUDGE DREDD movie. I do not know how to feel! Remember how I admitted to loving the Tank Girl movie? Well this is WAY more […]

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