Let’s party like it’s the nineties vision of an apocalyptic future.

There is going to be a new JUDGE DREDD movie. I do not know how to feel! Remember how I admitted to loving the Tank Girl movie? Well this is WAY more embarrassing:

I love Judge Dredd (1995)! Now, it is not even just ‘not a good movie’. Judge Dredd (1995) is a truly terribly BAD movie with few redeeming qualities. But I still love it.


This was designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier.
Plus: Diane Lane.

This is from the Met Gala. When I first saw it last week, I thought the dress was black but it’s actually this nice deep brown and the geometric layering gives it (and her) a nice shape. It’s not the most exciting dress out there but she looks amazing. And this is another one where we could cut off the skirt — or turn it into a dreaded jumpsuit — and she’d be ready to rumble.

She’s 45, people, and more beautiful and fit than most twentysomethings. She really is a superheroine.

So, I don’t know. On one hand I’m excited for Judge Dredd (20XX), they could do it right and it could be GOOD! On the other hand – well, for now, let’s play it by ear.

And hopeful.

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