Interactive Wednesday: Deanna Revisited

The Cannes Film Festival has begun and for the Jury Photocall Kate Beckinsale decided to dress like Deanna Troi (Star Trek: the Next Generation):

I am speaking of this dress, from the episode Ménage à Troi (French connection!):

But my point is that Kate’s dress reminds me of an old school “this is what people wear in the future” outfit. But then, maybe it is because fellow juror Giovanna Mezzogiorno wore this:

Which is reminiscent of a TNG uniform and this little number:

Now neither Kate nor Giovanna look bad, and I guess late eighties/early nineties 24th century wear is preferable to late eighties/early nineties 20th century wear (Dear Fashion World: drop the eighties flashback NOW) but I still find it remarkable.

This totally looks like one of those episodes where they somehow pick up a guy from our timeperiod and he is all culture-shocked — except Tim Burton here is enacting hippy-who-brings-about-world-peace after his encounter with the Future instead of smarmy-capitalist-who-steals-tech-to-make-his-fortune after his encounter with the Future.

Okay, maybe I’m putting too much thought into this, let’s talk about the dresses:

This is really quite lovely. It is actually separates, not a dress, the back has a nice criss-cross design and it falls and moves beautifully in the wind which is something to think about for these outdoor events. The only thing I don’t like on her are the shoes. Beige pumps by Brian Atwood are still just beige pumps. Yawn.

Giovanna’s get up is okay, nothing special, but HER shoes:

Those are nice. Way better than her dress (cute anklet, too).

Poll time!

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