Slinky! (Cannes Opening Night III)

Not everyone went for the princess cut:

I want to be Dame Helen Mirren when I grow up. 1. She’s a dame, 2. she has a career to die for, 3. she has a wardrobe to die for (she always looks so regal and yet cute!), 4. she’s got a just-as-regal-and-yet-cute hubby, 5. she’s Helen Mirren.

Salma Hayek in Gucci Couture. Red but not red so it works. I think I’d like it better without the bedazzles but she looks amazing and I LOVE her hair and earrings.

Julie Gayet here is wearing the exact same shade as the carpet. Why. The dress is interesting. This drop back is almost too dropped for me. Here it almost has a cape feel — but see how she has no feet and the train blends in to the carpet…eh. Also, just as an aside, I think she weighs about four pounds:

Red-hued hair in red vague dress on red carpet — I think it’s a no.

Hofit Golan (an “Israeli Socialite”) wore her red with white which cuts it and her slinky is a transformer:

With a little whoosh (and insane shoes) she can (try to) pull off the ball gown look, too. Key word: try.

Lin Peng. How adorable is she?

But it is Sarah Marshall (with Jean-Claude Jitrois who is not to be confused with Jean-Claude Van Damme, despite what is in fact a leather suit — Jitrois, designer; Van Damme, not) who truly embodies ‘slinky dress’ in this … slinky dress!

Seriously, the front of that dress looks like a Slinky.

And these two seriously look like Bond villains — which is hardly a bad thing!


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