Superheroine of the Night: Cate Blanchett (Cannes Opening Red Carpet I)

I’ve never imagined Cate as a Jean Grey. She carries herself a little too well, her beauty is a little too refined. But for the Cannes Opening festivities (and premiere of her film, Robin Hood) she wore this:

First of all, it is Alexander McQueen and a beautiful tribute to the late designer — because even if the bird detail wasn’t first imagined as a Phoenix (the internet is calling it an eagle), it is one now. And if she’s wearing a Phoenix…

Here’s the back:

And close up, it looks a bit like armor:

Which is appropriate for the film — which I still don’t understand or particularly want to see BUT Cate is doing her darndest to win me over … huh. Mind control. Maybe she is a (dark) Jean Grey after all. Which means she is both superheroine and supervillainess.

And Cate is one to pull that off — with style.

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