A Berlinele Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, in fashion-occupied France, Berlinele and her beau, Pacey*, arrived in Nice in their civilian identities — Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson:

They were hoping for a quiet, simple getaway…a romantic picnic in the south of France.

But when are our heroes lives ever quiet and simple?

Karl the Kaiser had other plans! With the help of his minion (model and pirate wench Vanessa Paradis**), Cocoon he put Berlinele and Pacey to task in a P├ętanque Tournament. At stake? The FATE OF THE WORLD (or at least what had to be a pretty sweet trophy).

Pitted against such sharp competitors as Karolina of Krypton, they took this Very Seriously.

Berlinele and Pacey were triumphant!

And given a parade.

And front row seats to the Kaiser’s next act.

He brought all his minions to engage her —

But no one is a match for Berlinele when St. Tropez — and Pacey — are at stake! The Kaiser should have known better when he designed her newest heroine chic get up

Heroes play to win.

Back in civies, they made their way to Rome, still seeking their quiet and simple romantic picnic (so stay away all supervillains and paparazzi). Until next time***!

*Although I used Pacey for his name I do want to remark on a shift I have recently noted: last year at Cannes the reports were of “Basterds’ Diane Kruger and her longtime boyfriend Joshua Jackson (Dawson’s Creek)”; this year it is “Basterds’ Diane Kruger and Fringe actor Joshua Jackson”. Go Fringe!

**Vanessa is Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Caribbean)’s longtime companion and recently snagged the Chanel campaign for Coco Cocoon

***Yes, this is totally going to end up being my version of a web-comic.

It is actually difficult to choose which of Diane’s looks here is my favourite, but the sparkly black minidress is so heroine chic it gets the edge. I want the red shoes badly. I find the picnic basket ridiculously adorable. And as for Karl, here are my picks for best in show:

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