Superheroes in Full Force in France (Cannes)

Apparently, Cate wasn’t the only one who missed Edna Mode’s “No Capes!” memo to superheroines.

I expect Anouchka Delon (GREAT name) would prefer I call this a “train” but that train’s left the station.

Really, she should be pleased, the ‘cape’ is the only thing that makes this heroine chic and as just a dress, this is wrinkled and shapeless and doesn’t do anything particularly great for her figure. She’s darling, though.

Pilar Lopez De Ayala (another great name) also got into the swing of things with a cape-like.

And in her case the bodice is equally heroine chic thanks to that star clasp. I like how her dress can both hide and flaunt its superhero possibilities. And I love her hair.

Of course you don’t need a cape to be heroine chic:

As Frederique Bel illustrates quite effectively, don’t you think?

I mean this looks like a cross between Wilma Flintstone and a tennis match (very poor bra choice, Frederique) and she’s wearing shoes that look like they were designed for Miss Piggy (aside: I love Miss Piggy!) BUT, you can imagine it in a comic book, can’t you?


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