Supervillains Also Abound (Cannes)

So apparently if you wear something absurd and show up, you get to walk a Cannes red carpet:

I don’t know who this is. I don’t know what this is. And I most definitely do not know WHY this is.

I will say, if I were going to wear black leather shorts and stockings and a matching leather jacket with red pumps attached to it for no discernible reason — I would AT LEAST match my shoes to my … shoes.

And my nails.

Now there’s no topping that, but after playing princess, Kate Beckinsale traded in her ballgowns for:

Va-va-va-villain. Now, heroines can wear black and red and be sexy and still be the good guys, absolutely. But the fabric looks like General Zod’s and she is wearing bullets as a belt. (Back detail)

And then there’s these two:

I think it speaks for itself.

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