Marion Cat-illard (Cannes)

I don’t like Catwoman. I don’t dislike Catwoman. And actually, I love her style. But she’s often come off pretty one-note to me. Though that can be applied to most of the Bat-villains, maybe it’s a wider issue, or actually, maybe that’s the idea but that kind of characterization is just not what I personally like —

I’m off-topic. The point is, I don’t really like Catwoman and I’m not looking forward to her inevitable introduction in the Nolan movies.


Cast Marion Cotillard as Selina Kyle and I am already a bigger fan.

It is a jumpsuit (Lefranc Ferrand) but honestly, I like this better on her than any of the parade of gowns she’s been strutting lately. She looks AMAZING. This is a jumpsuit I can get behind — I’ll just call it a catsuit.


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