Interactive Wednesday: Marilyn Monroe (Cannes)

It’s the battle of the Marilyns: Naomi Watts and Michelle Williams are at Cannes this week, promoting their films (You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger and Fair Game, and Blue Valentine, respectively). Naomi was recently cast as Marilyn in Blonde based on the fictionalized memoir of the same name (by Joyce Carol Oates) and Michelle is expected to play her in an as yet untitled film directed by Simon Curtis. So who will be the better Marilyn? And who is making the biggest fashion splash at Cannes?

Okay, honestly, neither Naomi nor Michelle is “a Marilyn”. There is a “first look” at Naomi as Marilyn making the rounds and she’s working it, though what I like most about the picture is the return of this dress (from the 2008 Met Gala where the theme was superheroes) :

Naomi is one of my favourite actresses and I absolutely trust her to pull off the character — and I have to say I LOVE that they tapped a 41-year-old to play a woman who died at the age of 36. The Blonde people seem to have cast who they thought would best ACT the part and I gotta give that mad props.

Now, Michelle — it is still hard for me to think of her beyond Jen on Dawson’s Creek. What can I say, I love Dawson’s Creek. Speaking of which, do you know who is going to be playing Jackie Kennedy next year?

1. Excellent casting (seriously). 2. CRAZY, right? 3. Back to Marilyn/Michelle. Well, Jen WAS the “Marilyn” of the Creek. I think I’ll stick with being excited that there are two Marilyn biopics (and a Kennedys miniseries!!) coming up.

Now, fashion. Naomi’s photocall:

Before we go any further, you KNOW I want those shoes. I am head over heels for them. WANT. The dress is okay. I like the flow, it fits her attitude and body, she looks good. But the shoes are the winners — and Naomi agrees, pairing them with this jumpsuit. I guess I should be pleased that she reserved the jumpsuit for a party instead of parading it down the red carpet. But she seriously likes jumpsuits too much.

Michelle’s photocall:

Adorable. Love the length, love the pockets, LOVE the hair. Shoes? They’re okay.

Naomi’s premiere:

GUH. The make-up is overdone but otherwise this is stunning.

Michelle’s premiere:

UGH. This is the cousin of the dress Sarah Jessica Parker failed to stun in at the Oscars and I have the same criticisms: it does nothing for her figure, makes her look shorter than she is and SHE LOOKS LIKE A VASE. A very pretty, soft pink, Chanel vase but still a VASE.

Okay, last looks:






One Comment on “Interactive Wednesday: Marilyn Monroe (Cannes)”

  1. kelly says:

    thank you for the arm candy option. 🙂

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