Best of the Rest (AmfAR IV)

Camilla Belle in Gucci Premiere. It speaks for itself.

Mischa Barton in Marchesa. I can’t help but love the garden shots. This shows off the dress better:

She maybe has a slight gravity issue but I love this look.

Charlene Wittstock in Armani. Charlene is showing Sarah Jessica Parker and Michelle Williams the correct way to look like a vase. Or possibly a lamp. Well, point being she looks like an object but it works and I love it. Speaking of Michelle, here she is in Sonia Rykiel.

I adore this picture. the perspective makes her look like a giant. I now want to cast her as Janet Van Dyne.

Love it. Absolutely love it.

Jennifer Lopez in Roberto Cavalli. And this picture makes me want an update of Gone with the Wind starring J-Lo and George Clooney (clearly the Rhett of our day and the best I’ve ever seen J-Lo was Out of Sight so there you go). It could be set in Colombia. Now I seriously want this movie.

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