Fire and Ice (AmfAR II)

If Miss Hemingway were not there, Emily Blunt would have been named Superheroine of the night. This picture gives you a peek at why.

It’s not just the eye-popping, very heroine chic colour (no red carpet at this gala, by the way, so I’ve no qualms loving this red). No, look here:

She has a Phoenix on her back. And here’s Ana Beatriz standing in for Emma Frost:

Am I right?

I am right. In this match-up, I couldn’t even begrudge Scott not knowing who to choose — can you?


One Comment on “Fire and Ice (AmfAR II)”

  1. […] to Comments It’s True! Dree Hemingway emerges as superheroine of the night. She is joined by Emily Blunt and Ana Beatriz as a Phoenix and a Diamond, respectively (vote in the poll!). Grace Jones is the best supervillain […]

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