Superheroine of the Night: Dree Hemingway (AmfAR I)

Last night the stars sparkled at the annual AmfAR gala to benefit AIDS research. There were only a few misses, most everybody looked right AMAZING and the parade of heroine (and villain! the villains are gonna need their own post) chic makes me grin. But superheroine of the night is obvious:

Dree Hemingway in Valentino Couture — and like Karolina of Krypton at the World Music Awards, this isn’t just heroine chic, she looks like a page out of a superhero book. She also looks absolutely stunning.





Ladies and gentleman, I give you: True, the great-granddaughter of a literary legend and dedicated to finding a cure for what blights our world.

One Comment on “Superheroine of the Night: Dree Hemingway (AmfAR I)”

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