Worst Dressed (AmfAR VI)

Dear Suzanne Engo. I get that you love them but Converse are not appropriate footwear when wearing a gown. Even if your gown is a Smurf-blue ripped up mess that hugs your body in all the wrong places. This is BAD. Signed, All of Us.

Elizabeth Banks in ANOTHER candlestick dress. What gives? But she took it that one step further and went with Candlestick Hair. Basically, I hate it.

Kirsten Dunst in Chanel. Mostly I don’t get this. I think without the why-do-you-want-to-look-like-you-are-40 eye make-up and I-have-decided-I-don’t-care hair I could get into this. I think I really like the dress. But not on her and not the way she’s wearing it.

So, this is a stunning maternity dress. Only problem is Marion Cotillard is not pregnant (that I am aware of). I really tried to find a picture where this dress looks good on her.

But it just doesn’t. Marion, you are beautiful, never wear that dress again. Unless you are actually pregnant.

4 Comments on “Worst Dressed (AmfAR VI)”

  1. […] Jones is the best supervillain of the night EVER (though King Karl continues to be my favourite). Worst Dressed includes Marion Cotillard, Kirsten Dunst and Elizabeth Banks while Best Dressed honors Camilla […]

  2. Gabby says:

    I never laugh so hard as when I read your worst dressed lists.

    Please, don’t stop.

  3. dagus says:

    I loved the post. Please update more.
    I’ll come here more often.
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