Best Dressed: Salma Hayek (Cannes Closing IV)

Diane‘s only real competition for Best Dressed of the night:

Salma is also in pink, but a very understated blush, and the gold accents just bring it all to a higher level of sophistication and glamour. She looks amazing.

Also amazing, especially after her strange showing at the AmfAR gala, Kirsten Dunst:

Again in Chanel, this time Kirsten looks funky and cute instead of overwrought. The make-up is still off, but her hair is much improved and she is SMILING:

And I love the back:

Nobody stands out as WORST worst dressed but I don’t care for Juliette Binoche:

It kinda looks like a towel clinched by a belt you’d buy at EPCOT (vaguely international, vaguely futuristic). Not AWFUL (that’s this mess from earlier in the festival). But not GOOD, either. So, she’s my Worst Dressed (Juliette won Best Actress, I’m sure she’ll survive this dubious honor).

Well, another Festival de Cannes concludes. Until next year —

That’s a wrap!


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