Princesses, Troublemakers and One More Cape (Cannes Closing III)

Fan Bing Bing wore a tribute to Atlantis (does that make her Namora?):

The starfish purse is a cute touch and yes, she has Princess Leia hair:

Li Feier also went with the princess look:

They are very pretty, if “safe”. In unsafe princess territory we have Kristin Scott Thomas:

I just don’t know about this dress. It’s a little bunchy and a little sofa-or-curtains-y. But it’s not safe and she looks kinda regal.

Giovanna Mezzogiorno brought out another cape-from-the-future-imagined-in-the-nineties (perhaps in her own bid to look regal?) but I’m afraid did not pull it off as well as Cate Blanchett. This gloomy grey ill-fitting dress just looks sad.

Michele Civetta and Asia Argento — I think these two are my supervillains of the night. They look more like the Addams Family than heroine chic, but the picture reads so scheming.


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