Sex and the City 2

Today I am going to a screening of Sex and the City 2 as a guest of Women and Hollywood‘s Melissa Silverstein. I am, in a word, EXCITED. I don’t care if the movie is a train wreck, it will still be Sex and the City and it will certainly still be FASHIONFUL. As was last night’s premiere:

I love how they each embodied their character in their clothes. Kim Cattrall (Samantha): sleek and sexy.

Cynthia Nixon (Miranda): sophisticated grace.

Kristin Davis (Charlotte): soft and feminine.

Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie): pretty and playful.

I am, of course, a Carrie. And I love SJP’s dress:

I love all the colour lately! Hurray for colour! And this is so fun. It’s a bit like the drapey yellow dresses that keep getting compared to each other (Melissa George -> Diane Kruger -> Michelle Williams) BUT, it’s Carrie.

She’s a fashion superhero.

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