Best Dressed: Emma Watson (NMAs III)

Hermione Granger would not wear this:

But on Emma Watson I really like it. It’s Karl Lagerfeld which makes me think of Dark Hermione, which is both terrifying and excellent, and it is shorts, which is both terrifying and excellent. At another event it wouldn’t be formal enough but for Britain’s People’s Choice Awards it’s just right.

The net detailing gives this a little punky flair and the earrings and sequins give it girly sparkle.

And you know I love those shoes.

Pepper Potts would totally wear Bonnie’s outfit and she’d look great. Bonnie looks fine but this ages her, especially next to Emma (close up, she looks young and pretty so it is the clothes, she should hire Emma’s stylist). Dan looks good, this picture is getting me excited for the next movie. I do kind of love that Emma looks like the third wheel, if the way more stylish third wheel. True to the script (I miss Rupert).

Best Dressed for sure.

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