Pacey and Diane and Joey and Tom (NMAs II)

Pacey and Diane went shopping at Lanvin about a month ago and here is the result:

Pacey looks fab, I love his shoes. On someone else Diane’s dress would be a bit much, but her fashion attitude makes it work as I will show you in a moment. But first, here’s Joey and Tom:

Um. Okay. In this picture, the dress is not horrible. It’s just not wonderful. Tom, I don’t know what to say, he looks squat next to her.

Without her, he looks fine. Without him:

Okay, let’s talk about what’s good here. She is smiling. I like her hair down. The dress is apparently from her own collection, Holmes and Lang, which is pretty nifty.

I don’t like the shoes and I hate them with this dress. This dress that looks absolutely horrible when she is walking and just “okay” when she is standing still. I think it needs to lose serious inches off the hem. I don’t hate the idea of the dress but the execution is a disaster.

Now, Diane is the opposite:

In theory, this is a hot mess. She is wearing a duck. And a heart on her hip. And a DUCK.

Before I saw Gwyneth I was going to give Diane superheroine of the night and came up with the following fake conversation: “Honey, you’re wearing a duck.” “Yes, but it is a MIGHTY duck.” “TouchĂ©.”

But now I am going to prove that Diane understands this look:

The messy hair compliments the dress and the minimal accessories let it shine. And sticking with Lanvin head to toe she achieves the look that the designer intended. It doesn’t look too busy the way she wears it. So not my favourite look, but compared to Katie’s mess she knocked it out of the park.

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