Wear the Flag

Two characters. One male, one female. One Marvel, one DC. One over 80 years old, one over 800 years old. One all-American, one a Greek immigrant — both famous for wearing the American flag.

Captain America and Wonder Woman are star-spangled icons.

Captain America’s flagwear is his uniform as the standard bearer of the U.S. Army during World War II. I expect no member of the Army brass would actually want such a display on site, but as a symbol it’s blatant and yet poignant. At my town’s Memorial Day parade this morning, the crowd overwhelmingly wore the flag: red, white and blue sundresses and sandals, flag-bearing t-shirts from Old Navy or the Gap, bandanas and hats and flipflops and bikini tops that featured the stars and stripes. It’s an easy way to be patriotic, or at least connected to the country, whatever either of those ideas may mean to the bearer personally. It’s symbolic and so is Cap — which is why I wore my Captain America t-shirt today.

Steve Rogers recently returned to the top of the Marvel line-up and got a new title and uniform (his successor, James “Bucky” Barnes, is keeping both the old ones):

As a “Secret” Avenger, the dark and minimal works, and the Army might be slightly more willing to have him in their fox hole (so to speak), but it’s not nearly so fun as his more famous outfit. He does look more like a soldier. Wonder Woman also recently got a new look while she does her part in Whatever Is Going On in DC:

For her Lantern life she wore lilac pink and bore her belly. As far as costumes go — she looks like Star Sapphire, so, you know, whatever. It’s not like Diana is known for covering up:

I gotta admit, I love Wonder Woman’s costume. Every summer I look for the perfect star spangled or eagle-bearing swimsuit so I can look more like Wonder Woman. It’s all Lynda Carter’s fault:

How much did I want to be her when I was a little girl? THAT MUCH.

So did Gaga and Beyonce, clearly. Of course, I also wanted to be a Spice Girl.

You gotta give it to Ginger. She rocked that look.


So did Billie.


Honestly I cannot wait to see this guy wearing the flag:

Am I right? (Yes, nod to Red Sox Nation is totally purposeful. My inner Carol Danvers comes out even more in posts like this and on days like this.)

Here’s a salute to everyone who puts on a uniform to fight for their country. Thank you.

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