The Matrix Revisited: Jade Ewen

Remember when the Matrix was cool? Before the sequels? All I remember of the second one is Laurence Fishbourne leading a religious mosh pit and I haven’t actually seen the third. But the first film was live action Hollywood anime niftiness. Like this:

Look at that skirt! I think she is wearing the matrix.

To be entirely candid, my favourite Matrix fashions are the ones they wear when they are outside the matrix. I adore post-apocalyptic fashions. I’ve a thing for clothes that look old, and not just vintage — when I was a sophomore in high school I spent a lot of days dressing “like Eponine” (this involved a lot of grey and layers and of course a wool fisherman’s hat) — and post the apocalypse they are clothes that look old FROM THE FUTURE.

But I like the shiny stuff, too.

Here Jade is able to make Gabrielle Cimli’s outfit more exciting. By itself it’s ill-fitting and a little cheap nightie material looking (with admittedly fierce shoes), but with Jade beside her it gains a Star Trek vibe.

And if the skirt was inches shorter she’d be right at home on Cleopatra 2525. Fashion-wise, that’s a compliment.


One Comment on “The Matrix Revisited: Jade Ewen”

  1. RaeBeta says:

    As a teenager, my first thought would have been “How can I make this?” Hijinks involving shower curtains and hot glue guns would likely have ensued and possibly subsequently been worn to prom, class, or both.

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