Captain America’s Mighty Suspenders

Okay, you’ve all seen the images:

I like this one best. It’s exciting! He’s coming to save the day! He’s flying! Or, well, you know, falling with style. But here’s a better view of the costume:

As everyone everywhere has said, it does look too “rubbery” for WWII. But in theory a scientific program that came up with SUPER SOLDIER SERUM and an UNBREAKABLE SHIELD can also make bullet-proof-rubbery-suit-stuff. Plus it’s a rendering, not a still. So I’m okay with that. Some people are saying it’s too brightly coloured for the Army. Um. Yes. But:

Others say it’s not brightly Red, White and Blue enough. I think the idea of wearing the flag is still there and, personally, I like the brown boots and gloves. I’ve always thought Cap’s belt and pouches should be red if his boots and gloves are. This way they all three look more standard military grade. Then there is the wingless cowl, a la Ultimate Cap (the stars-in-circles on the shoulders are also a nod to Ult).

I’m okay without the wings, especially since they are also dropping the feathery look to the top. And I agree with that decision. In a comic the feathers are cute, in a movie — Sam the Eagle.

And the suspenders. Guys, don’t hate me but — I love the suspenders! I really do. I think it goes back to falling with style. This costume looks reasonably military and reasonably 1940’s USO kitchy. When I first saw it I giggled. But, that top pic, my favourite? It makes me want to see it on film.

6 Comments on “Captain America’s Mighty Suspenders”

  1. Tamar says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who loves the suspenders. I also think the brown gloves and boots are a good choice.
    I KNOW he comes from a high tech group, but I still don’t like the idea of the fabric looking too rubbery or modern. As a stand alone/modern costume I think it’d be just fine, but I’m afraid it would look dreadfully out of place in WWII period piece unless handled very carefully.

  2. Rick says:

    Brown? Hmm. Blood-red wouldn’t be too far off, and would still keep the iconic color scheme…

  3. Daniel says:

    The suspenders are the best part. They say parachutist, the army, and provide function to what was only form.
    I will say that the final look’s success will depend on what material it’s fabricated in and how 1942 relevant it appears. I’ve already seen someone ‘shop the look really dirty and distressed and it looks terrific.

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