Flashback Friday: Kylie Minogue

Kylie attended the AmfAR Inspiration Gala Event in NYC last night and sported not just one but two heroine-chic looks. She presented wearing this:

How can anyone not just adore her? So we’ve got leather bust and shrug and straps with metal over a tutu. The skirt should be shorter for superheroing but as you can see in the picture, it doesn’t actually hold her back at all. All in all, very heroine chic. But it doesn’t even come close to what she wore earlier in the evening:

Kylie is seriously giving King Karl a run for his money as fashion supervillain supreme with this.

Chains on one side and a gloved leather sleeve on the other. Super high slit, stockings and garter belt. She is the definition of heroine chic. The only thing I would change is the open toe shoes. I can’t think of any supers who wear open toes. Can’t kick people as easily, y’know?

Which brings us to the flashback.

In 1994 Kylie portrayed Cammy in Street Fighter. While not technically a comic book franchise, the Street Fighter crew are their own kind of superheroes.

Cammy is by far my favourite SF character, I always play her in the games. And while tiny 5’1 Kylie doesn’t spring to mind as the embodiment of an action heroine, she’s kick-ass cute and tinkerbell tough. Plus if you’ve seen the movie you know she is not at all what requires a suspension of disbelief (it IS a Jean-Claude Van Damme vehicle remember).

While ridiculous on many levels the women in that movie are also kinda the best part.

And over fifteen years later…

She’s still got it.


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