Rihanna, you oughta be in comics.

It’s everywhere; Riri dyed her hair. But when I saw the pics of Rihanna performing for Saturday’s Rock in Rio Madrid Festival in Spain I was so amazed at her outfit her hair barely registered:

Can you really blame me? She’s wearing a cone bra made out of rubber with granny panties and fishnets. Also suspenders. And what look like patent leather combat boots.

Now, this IS heroine chic. She’s totally out of the pages of Birds of Prey, for example. But she looks short and frumpy and her fierce expression can’t save the look when the fact is her bust-line is practically touching her waist-line and that’s just Not Hot.

Here’s the best picture of this look:

All she has to do is hide the rubber bra, granny panties, and suspenders. Otherwise known as: her entire look (except the BoPy fishnets — Dinah, I’m looking at you).

But let’s talk about her hair because I got the BEST email about it:

Elizabeth said: “Sooooo, Rihanna’s hair is that of Guy Gardner’s.”

She is sooooo right.


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