So that’s what ‘Guys Choice’ means. (Spike Guys Choice III)

Charlize wasn’t the only one sporting the mini to the Guys Choice awards:

There is a fish in this picture. Actually two. But that aside, Scarjo looks HOT.

She looks a bit like she doesn’t know quuuiiiiiiiiiite what she’s doing there, and I’m not quuuiiiiiiiiiite sure about her nude shoes or whatever that is on her arm, but I LOVE the colour of this dress. And how it fits her. Like a boss! I mean — like a glove! HOT.

And that was the formula of the night: TIGHT + MINI = HOT.

Jessica Biel shows exactly how un-villainess-like black can look. Just add giant shoulder bows! I actually really like this, especially on Jessica who normally makes me yawn.

Kendra Perez is runner-up for superheroine of the night. There’s something vaguely Spider-Womany about this. Look at the top, above the flesh-baring lines. Yeah?

Amanda McKay is less successful in silver. Looks tired.

Kelly Osbourne’s basic black also looks tired but I’d prefer she leave the Pac-Man jacket at home anyway. Seriously that pattern looks like Pac-Man losing to the ghosties (as in, they are eating him) to me.

Courtney Hansen’s basic black — well, basics is another word for underwear, right?

Luckily Sandra Bullock’s here to show how to wear basic black. It’s called leather.

So, what do guys choose to wear?

I could go on about the evident double standard — or I could just give in to the ALSO HOT.

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